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Abouts Us

Who we are?

Simply put....RedCow Films is a group of amazing individuals who collectively love telling great stories, they love making films, and love to share and want as many people as humanly possible, to see, hear and enjoy their passion.

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  • What we do?

    RedCow Films develops cinematic master-pieces that speaks to the soul. Films that make you put on thinking cap. Films that make you laugh and cry within the same breath. We write, direct, produce and coloborate with a vast range of like-minded professionals who enjoy challenging their creativity, with a sole purpose of delivering awesome films.


Our First Project

Cowboy Mafia Movie Trailer
Cowboy Mafia Movie Synopsis

About Cowboy Mafia

Cowboy Mafia is a True American story about a young bull-rider who has a wealth of talent and aspirations for becoming a professional, but doesn't have enough money to support his love of riding. He (John) is introduced to drug smuggling and later finds himself caught in a difficult and unrwarding position, the mafia.

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Red Cow Films, is located in Southern California, in the film capital of the world Hollywood, Caifornia. We would love to here from you. Please take a moment and write us a brief messaage and someone for our office will respond within 24 hours. Thank you.

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